This is a place where I ramble and write. I am a mother of two, but I hope you won’t find much parenting advice here. This is just a place for me to do the things my mind finds to do when it feels the urge to put things down on paper. I often have the urge to create…and my chosen form of artistic expression is words. Words built up in me and they must come out. This is one place where that happens.

The thing about motherhood is that it is varied and beautiful. It’s hard one moment and glorious the next. And it’s full of different seasons. But being a mother can be more than having children of your own. The calling on my life, the name “Mother” that the Lord gave to me (and actually my given name is a form of “mother”), has come to mean so much more than being a mom to my kids. Yes, I am their mom first, but I see that I am a mother to all the women and young women around me. You are, too.

One of the things I’ve been called to as a mother is the ministry of encouragement. So this is where I write to encourage others and myself.

Wander, dream, and enjoy…