Sacred Offerings

new“Do not present an animal with defects, because the Lord will not accept it on your behalf.” Leviticus 22:20

Jesus came to abolish the daily sacrifices for sin that the Levitical Law required; He was the unblemished, perfect sacrifice given on our behalf. Why? Jesus came to do and be all that we could ever need to do or be…because He loves us and makes all things new.

This verse stands out because it shows us just how much Jesus must enjoy setting us free and unburdening us of the continual need to make atonement.

In our own strength, no two waking hours in a row is perfect; we can’t get through the day without a million “defects” popping up. Bring on a stressful situation, a meal missed, a snarky comment, and we are immediately short of temper and quick of tongue. But Jesus cannot and will not love us any less than He loves us right now, which is more than we can ever understand.

He came and became that sacrifice without defect and said, “Okay, now that we have that settled, let’s really get down to the business of love.” And yes, we stumble and fall and mess up and freak out and give in and give up and spout off in the midst of living life and trying to please Him…but God…but God says my offerings, big and small, are without defect.

Jesus gave all so that we could have all.

It’s incomprehensible, really. But if we can but see ourselves as complete and whole, without blemish…not crippled or defective or blind or deaf…we can be set free to offer everything we have to Him — the good, the bad, the ugly — and know that it is, to Him, a sweet savor. He makes everything we have and everything we are beautiful and without blemish.

In Him, all things are made new.


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