31 Things

Some bloggers do 31 posts in October, one for each day.  I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I kept a list going all month of the things I have done as a mom. I hope this list gives other moms a chuckle…and some encouragement.

As a real-life mommy…

I have, like a cat, used my own saliva to clean my child’s face.
I have, in a dire situation, picked up a pacifier from the floor, rubbed it on my pants, and given it back to my crying child.
I have slept on the floor of my child’s room waiting for him to fall asleep.
I have built a fort as big as a living room.
I have killed spiders with my bare hands (even though I am deathly afraid).
I have changed my baby’s diaper on a plane, on a train, in a car, on my lap, standing up, in the dark, at the beach, in a tent, on a boat, in a car seat.
I have washed my baby’s hair and put baby lotion on him so he would smell clean when I didn’t have time to bathe him.
I have given my child a “wipes bath” when I didn’t have time to wash his hair and apply lotion.
I have said the words, “please go back and flush the toilet” 2,452 times.
I have gone back into a grocery store to search every aisle for a lost stuffed animal.
(I have found a lost stuffed animal on an end-cap of apple juice in a grocery store.)
I have nursed my baby on a plane, on a train, in a car, on a boat, standing up, while working, in the dark, at the beach, on a stool.
I have missed dinner because I gave it to my child.
I’ve gone three days and seven hours without a shower.
I have hidden the best Halloween candy from the rest of the family.
I have found toys in my shoes, in the shower, on the toilet, in the toilet, in my bed, in the couch cushions, in cupboards, in drawers, in the pantry.
I have sailed on a boat made out of pillows.
I have ridden in a wagon made out of couch cushions.
I’ve flown on an airplane made out of blankets.
I have used my sweatshirt as a blanket for a cold baby on a cool day.
I’ve been late for church, school, work, weddings, funerals, parties.
I have used ribbon from a gift bag as a hair tie.
I have used my daughter’s hair bow as a bow tie for my son.
I have stopped at a store on the way to an event to buy new clothes for my baby when she puked all over her whole outfit…and all over the spare clothes I had in the diaper bag.
I have sat backwards, been dizzy, been car sick, had my arm fall asleep, hurt my neck in order to help my children through long, hard car trips.
I have carried a huge sleeping kid to bed from the car.
I have prayed all night for a sick child with a spiking fever.
I have mopped up messes on the floor 1,932 times.
I have hidden an annoying toy at nap time in the hopes that my child would forget it ever existed.
I have done a millions things right and made a million mistakes.
I have given thanks to God for the miracle of my children every day for five years…and counting.



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