The Baby Announcement

I can’t remember why I thought a baby announcement was important this time around, but I did.  This is the story of how it took 6 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days to get them in the mail.

When Baby was born, things went haywire.  Some moms are calm and collected, going out to see friends only a few days after delivering.  Some moms bounce back easily from pregnancy and have it all together.  That is not me.

When Baby was 4 weeks old, I somehow got ALL FOUR OF US into coordinating outfits for a 20-minute photo shoot a friend was offering.  We looked nice.  Baby was still jaundiced but cute.  Daughter was glowing.  Hero looked good.  I looked decent for 4 weeks post-partum.  Unfortunately, we did not look so nice on camera.  None of the photos turned out except two of the kids that were just okay.  I gave up on the baby announcement idea and went back to sleep.

When Baby was 3 months old, I thought about how I needed to get him to a portrait studio for baby pictures.  The baby announcement idea resurfaced but I lost steam and forgot.

When Baby was 5 months and 3 weeks, Daughter started preschool.  The very first day of school, I took Baby for his first portraits.  We got a few great shots and I started to dream again of a baby announcement. Completely aware that everyone I would send an announcement to had, at this point, either met the baby in person or seen photos online, I stayed the course and ordered pictures; I knew at least one of them would be perfect for an announcement.

When Baby was 6 months 1 week, the portraits were ready.  He looked amazing.  But, gad, he was already sitting up in some of the photos.  That just wouldn’t do for a baby announcement.  I got out the two “okay” photos from the 4-week photo shoot and decided to order announcements with those photos after all.

When Baby was 6 months 2 weeks, his announcements were fetched home from Costco on Hero’s way home from work.  The photos were fuzzy and the poor kid looked yellow, sleepy, and a little upset at his sister.  Compared to the bright-eyed, healthy baby boy sitting next to me eating his dinner, the announcement photos looked kinda sad.  I decided to order multiple wallets of his best portrait photo to add to the announcement package.  Hero played along and gallantly fetched photos from Costco again.

When Baby was 6 months 2 weeks 2 days, three books of stamps were fetched home by Hero on his way from work.

When Baby was 6 months 2 weeks 3 days, everything was on the counter and ready.  I got sick and a few more days flashed by.  Yesterday, I decided we would get the announcements in the mail, come what may.  Daughter and I addressed and stuffed envelopes all morning, giggling and laughing, all the while rushing like mad to beat the mail carrier.  We got them in the mailbox…just two minutes after the mail carrier came by.  We ran out to the street to try to catch him but he was long gone.  Some moms in the face of such a silly delay would, with boundless energy, pack up both kids and race off to the post office.  That is not me.  We cheerfully left the stack in the slot for the next day and brought in the mail.

Today, 6 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days after Baby was born, we sent a lovely packet out in the mail to our dearest friends and relatives announcing his birth.


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